Flake and cube ice is widely used in meat, fish, etc. sectors. We provide you with a wide range of machines from 1 Tons per day up to 16 Tons per day as well as isothermal silos for ice storage.

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Compresseur Bock HG44

The machine is supplied with a latest generation Gea Bock HG44 semi-hermetic type compressor With the HG44e series, GEA Bock presents completely new, more efficient semi-hermetic compressors, which are intended to replace the HG4 series. The new 4-cylinder compressors offer higher efficiency and smoother operation than their predecessors. In the HG44e series, one has a modern, high-quality valve plate seat system with impact-resistant stainless steel lamellar suction and discharge valves, latest-generation electric motors and improved throttle guidance in the compressor, make it possible to obtain a higher overall efficiency.

Compresseur Bock HG88

The new models of Bock HG88e semi-hermetic compressors ensure higher cooling capacity of the compressor with reduced energy consumption. The new version of the eight-cylinder compressors with optimized efficiency offers maximum efficiency thanks to the use of the mexxFLOW valve plate system. Thanks to a design with double circular valves associated with a specific cylinder head, the mexxFlow system has enabled a significant reduction in pressure drops, which significantly improves the efficiency of the compressor.

Fabrique de glace Snowkey

The Snowkey brand ice maker, the type columnar ice maker vertical with internal scraper. The cylinder of the generator is double-walled in special alloy for ensure good thermal conductivity. This generator is supplied with submerged water pump.